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Video is a key component of any business’s marketing strategy. Simply stated: Video sells!

Regardless of what you sell, or which platform you choose to advertise on, nearly any business can take advantage of video marketing.

Help your company stand out with visual and interactive content that showcases your brand. A great video will engage your audience and inspire them to act in a short period of time, all while entertaining them in the process.

It’s not only your audience that can benefit from watching; Content sharing between businesses is a strategic way of boosting brand awareness and developing fusion marketing opportunities as well.


  • Boost Brand Awareness

  • Improve Brand Loyalty

  • Increase Audience Engagement

  • Nurture Lead Generation

  • Increase Direct Sales

  • Delight Customers

Company Content

  • Promotional Video

  • Social Media Content

  • Web Content

  • Broadcast Commercial

  • Internal Communication Video

  • Sizzle Reel

  • Company Culture Video

  • Training Video

Product/Service Content

  • Product Video

  • Explainer/Tutorial Video

  • Demonstration Video

  • Crowdfunding Video

  • Video Testimonial

  • FAQ Video

  • Educational Video


The first step is sitting down for a free consultation to discuss your marketing goals, your vision and your budget. Next, we’ll assess your target audience and determine the best types of content to achieve your desired goals. Once these details are established, our team crafts a message related to your brand’s values.

After completing production, our team can assist with media buying, distributing content, social media planning and analyzing the results. From here, you get to sit back and watch your audience engage and grow! 


We take pre-production very seriously! Our team works with you to determine your target audience and crafts a message based on your buyer persona. Once the overall message and goal of the piece are established, we begin scripting and drafting a production plan that encompasses the final content. After your approval, we secure locations, determine equipment needs, staff crew and sign talent, if necessary. The more planning that takes place before the camera begins rolling, the more time and money you save!

On the day of the production, our team begins setting up equipment and executing on the schedule that was developed during pre-production. The shots are captured based on a detailed shot list with professional cinema cameras and broadcast quality audio equipment. Once the production is complete, the footage and audio files are safely backed up and logged for post-production.

In the post-production phase, the footage and audio files are reviewed and organized. Footage is assembled using the latest post-production software, and the overall flow of the piece is established. Upon completion of the initial edit, the sound is adjusted, music is added, motion graphics are created and the picture is color corrected and graded. The first draft is then sent for approval. After approval, any last minute adjustments are made and the video is exported to meet the required distribution standards. The final export is delivered and backed up to multiple locations for archiving.


In addition to planning, filming and editing, we offer a wide range of services that sets us apart from other media companies. With so many options available, we can launch your brand and amplify your message further!

  • Motion Graphics

  • Visual Effects

  • Sound Editing

  • Color Grading

  • 4K & HD Resolution

  • Ariel Drone Videography

  • Timelapse Videography

  • Slow Motion

  • Green Screen

  • Full Music Library

  • Multi-Camera Capture

  • Mobile Setup

  • Media Buying

  • Media Distribution

  • … and more


We can also help save time and energy through media buying, distribution, promotion and analysis of your Content.

It’s important to distribute your Content where your audience spends their time. Whether that is on the web, social media or broadcast television, we can assist you in distributing and promoting your Content to the appropriate channels. Our team can also analyze the results, allowing you to better invest your resources into your next campaign and provide you the best ROI.

Television Media Buying

With dozens of demographically targeted networks and thousands of shows, we can pinpoint the right audience for your message. Your customers will see and remember your name during the programs they enjoy most. This means that you have the ability to distribute your commercial on the biggest networks to a very select audience, guaranteeing that you’ll reach your target audience while eliminating the need to pay for wasted coverage.

  • Increases efficiency by focusing on the markets where a core audience is located – eliminating the need to pay for wasted coverage.

  • Enables brands to be associated with the most-watched programming on television for increased visibility and credibility.

  • Provides unmatched ability to align marketing with content on more than 50 networks based on demographics and psychographics.

  • Expands reach by aggregating audiences across multiple networks reaching similar audiences.

Online Digital Advertising

With the billions of websites out there, effective digital advertising means cutting through the clutter to reach local customers your business needs to grow. Video and display advertising on the websites consumers visit every day extend your advertising reach and increase brand awareness, create demand and drive traffic to your site. We can narrowly target your audience based on demographic and geographic data to ensure your message has the maximum impact. We also have the ability to show your video alongside captive audiences watching content online and on demand.

  • Premium Digital TV allows you to engage with customers watching TV and digital programming on their computers, phones, tablets and connected TV devices.

  • Target geographically at the market and cable zone level, providing premium efficiency.

  • Run your video only on brand-safe and high-caliber content, reaching quality audiences.

  • Provide high-visibility pre-roll and mid-roll placement exclusively in professional quality video content.

Owned Channel Distribution


Facebook favors Video Content above all other types of Content, resulting in higher reach and customer engagement for businesses that take advantage of it. With over 8 billion daily video views from its 500 million users, Facebook has quickly become the leading platform for Video Content marketers!


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Over 30 million people visit daily to watch on average, 40 minutes or more of Content. With an ever-expanding library of new and original Content, YouTube has become the best option for robust topics requiring more detailed viewing.


Instagram currently has over 800 million users sharing more than 95 million photos and videos each day. With more than 15 million business accounts, Instagram is a fast growing marketing platform for businesses, with sponsored video content receiving 3x the engagement as photos.


Twitter is now an established platform for mobile Video Content consumption. Users appreciate the seamless viewing experience of business video advertising, boosting engagement via replies, retweets and favorites, increasing website traffic and fueling discovery of your brand.


Enriching your blog with video is effective at building connections with your customers and growing your audience. Video Content is more easily digested by your audience than text and much more personal. An engaging video will call your audience to act in a short amount of time.


Incorporating Video Content into your website increases visitor engagement and helps establish trust. Regularly updated Content keeps your website fresh and boosts SEO. Product demonstrations, client testimonials and tutorials are great ways of utilizing video on your site.


If your content is appropriate for a streaming service such as Amazon Video, it’s a great opportunity to reach new customers and prospects on almost any device in most major markets, including the United States, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Japan. Streaming services offer millions of viewers the ability to buy, rent or watch Content for free with ads, instantly generating a return on your investment.


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How Can We Help Grow Your Business?

Regardless of what you sell, or which platform you choose to advertise on, nearly any business can take advantage of video marketing.

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