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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is your strategic marketing plan focused on creating and distributing content to attract and retain your target audience, ultimately driving profitable customer loyalty. A well-established plan that we like to implement is Inbound Marketing, a customer-centric style of marketing. With Inbound Marketing, your ultimate goals should include gaining visitors to your site, brand, or business, enticing those visitors to turn into leads, nurturing your leads into customers, and continuing satisfying your customers so that they become brand promoters.


  • Boost Brand Awareness

  • Improve Brand Loyalty

  • Increase Audience Engagement

  • Nurture Lead Generation

  • Increase Direct Sales

  • Increases Search Engine Rankings

How can Content Marketing help achieve all of these goals?

Content Marketing provides a way of communicating with your audience without selling to them. Instead, Content Marketing allows you to provide entertaining and educational content your audience can engage with, all while building trust and a lasting relationship with your brand.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of Content Marketing!

Creating a Framework for your Content Marketing plan from scratch can seem daunting. Consistently creating valuable and relevant content that speaks to your audience’s problems and solutions for those problems at each stage of their buyer’s journey is time and resource consuming. Let us lend our developed Content Creation Framework to you and your team – saving you time and energy! If your business needs more in-depth, robust content, visit our Corporate Video Production page for more information.

How can you build your own Content Marketing Plan?

It’s important to identify your Inbound Marketing plan before you begin creating your content. Setting your overall marketing goals allows you to set your “long-term vision” and “short-term motivation”. Use your goals, along with your target audience and what’s most important to them, to begin creating relevant and valuable content consistently. It’s also important to develop a Content Creation Framework to keep you organized and on schedule. Keep these four steps in mind when developing your Framework: PLAN – CREATE – DISTRIBUTE – ANALYZE.


It’s important for you to conceptualize your content before you begin. Brainstorming topics, planning out your ideas and developing a content workflow keeps you organized and consistent, as well as ensuring you are creating quality content vs a certain quantity of content.


Now that you have your content workflow set, it’s time to begin creating. You can include many different formats, and you should – to ensure you are meeting all of your audience members “where they’re at”, both in terms of their interests and their readiness to purchase your products or services. We offer a variety of services for content creation that save you time, money and resources during this stage!


You’ve worked hard to get to this stage – creating quality content for your audience. Now it’s time to publish and promote it! It’s important to not underestimate the importance of this stage. Investing in this step can pay you back immensely by driving web traffic, increasing social engagement and increasing customer loyalty.


To continue this cycle of Content Creation – you must analyse your results to gain new insights into your efforts. You will learn which formats of content best engage your audience, which distribution platforms your audience engage with most, and where to invest time and energy into for your next campaign. Now you’re ready to start this cycle again: PLAN – CREATE – DISTRIBUTE – ANALYZE.


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We provide three custom Content Marketing Packages to fit most business’s needs when it comes to Content Creation. Packages start at a base price, and vary depending on chosen Marketing elements. If these Packages don’t best fit your Marketing Strategy, one can be tailored to your individual needs. Click here to speak with our team to learn more about our Content Marketing Packages and how they can help your business grow!


$150/ Month
  • Content Planning
  • Content Review
  • 3 Video Elements
  • 5 Photo Elements


$350/ Month
  • Content Planning
  • Content Review
  • 5 Video Elements
  • 10 Photo Elements
  • 2 Graphic Elements


$600/ Month
  • Content Planning
  • Content Review
  • 8 Video Elements
  • 15 Photo Elements
  • 5 Graphic Elements
  • 2 Audio Elements
Video Elements Photo Elements Graphic Elements Audio Elements
Vlog (15 Min) Edited Photograph Edited Graphic Edited Audio Recording
Edited Video (15 – 30 Sec) Photo Collage Infographic Podcast
Live Stream Slideshow Gif / Meme
Webinar/Webcast Motion Graphic


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