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What is Branded Content?

Branded Content is a powerful marketing tool that blends marketing and entertainment to communicate with your audience without directly trying to sell something. Branded Content boosts brand awareness not only by telling your audience Who you are, but What you stand for and Why it’s important. In the form of short films, mini-documentaries and the like, Branded Content provides entertaining and valuable Content with your values and vision at its center. This inclines your audience to share it with their friends, thereby increasing engagement and improving reach.


We begin by assessing your target audience and determining the best methods to achieve your desired marketing goals. Once these details are established, our team crafts a message related to your brand’s values and vision. Whether it’s about your product, service, or company culture, your audience should be engaged by it! Once produced, we can assist with distributing your content to the most relevant channels based on your audience and analyzing the results. We don’t just want people to hear your message, we want them to be captivated by it.


We take pre-production very seriously! Our team works alongside your company to determine your target audience and crafts a message based on your buyer persona. Once the overall message and goal of the piece is established, we begin scripting and drafting a storyboard that visually represents the final content. After the idea has been approved, we secure locations, determine equipment needs, staff crew and sign talent. The more planning that takes place before the camera begins rolling, the more time and money you save!

On the day of the production, our team of professionals begin setting up equipment and executing on the schedule that was developed during the pre-production phase. The shots are captured based on a detailed shot list with professional cinema cameras and broadcast quality audio equipment. Once the production has wrapped, the footage and audio files are safely backed up in two separate locations and logged for post-production.

In the post-production phase, the footage and audio files are reviewed and organized. Footage is assembled using the latest post-production softwares, and the overall flow of the piece is established. Once the initial edit is complete, sound is adjusted, music is added, motion graphics are created, and the picture is color corrected and graded. The first draft is then sent for approval. After approval, any last minute adjustments are made and the video is exported to meet the required distribution standards. The final export is delivered and backed up to multiple locations for archiving. If necessary, our team assists with distributing content to the relevant channels and analyzing the results.


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Content Distribution is key when it comes to driving web traffic and social media engagement, as well as nurturing your customers’ purchasing decisions. However, it can also consume your already stretched time and resources. Let us help you save time and energy by assisting with distribution and promotion of your content, increasing your organic and paid promotion rankings.

Once produced, we can assist with distributing your content to the most relevant channels based on your audience’s preferred platforms. It’s important to determine where your audience spends their time looking for information, and to distribute your content onto those platforms to widen your reach and increase engagement. Our team can also assist in analyzing the results of your content, allowing you to better invest your time and resources into your next content campaign and provide you the best ROI for your company.


Facebook favors Video Content above all other types of Content, resulting in higher reach and customer engagement for businesses that take advantage of it. With over 500 million people watching Video Content on Facebook every day, it has quickly become the leading platform for Video Content marketers!


YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world, with nearly 30 million people visiting the site every day to watch robust Content that informs and entertains. With an ever-expanding library of new and original Content, YouTube has become the best option for topics requiring more detailed viewing.


Instagram currently has over 600 million users sharing more than 95 million photos and videos each day. With more than 15 million businesses, Instagram is a fast growing marketing platform for businesses, with video content receiving twice the engagement as photos.


Twitter is a fast growing platform for mobile Video Content consumption. Users appreciate Twitter’s seamless viewing experience, boosting engagement via replies, retweets and favorites, increasing website traffic and fueling discovery of your brand. Twitter allows for real time marketing, giving you the ability to connect with your audience in the moment.


Enriching your blog with video is more effective at building connections with your customers and growing your audience than any other form of media. Video Content is more easily digested by your audience than text and much more personal. By engaging with your audience, you’re more likely to drive them to purchase your products or services.


Incorporating Video Content into your website increases visitor engagement and helps establish trust. Regularly updated Content keeps your website fresh, while also boosting SEO. Demonstrating your products, featuring client testimonials or sharing a personal story about yourself are great ways of utilizing Video Content on your site.


Television broadcast content can be created to match your target audience, providing the best solution for their pain points at the times their most likely watching. With broadcast, you can optimize audience demographics as well as programming time, reach, and desired length.


If your content is appropriate for a streaming service such as Amazon Video, it’s a great opportunity to reach new customers and prospects on almost any device in most major markets, including the United States, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Japan. Streaming services offer millions of viewers the ability to buy, rent or watch it for free with ads, instantly generating a return on your investment.


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