Catering Video Styles to Generations X, Y, & Z

//Catering Video Styles to Generations X, Y, & Z

When planning out your marketing campaign, it’s important to keep in mind the age range of your intended audience. A recent study performed by Influenster demonstrated that different generations consumed different types of videos at varying rates. The infographic below, originally produced by Adweek, shows in detail how Generations X, Y, and Z vary in their preferences for online video consumption.

Infographic: How Gens X, Y and Z Consume Video Content

Infographic: How Gens X, Y and Z Consume Video Content

It is interesting to note that the youngest generation spent the most time on YouTube watching videos as compared to it’s older generation counterparts. However, each generation varies in their preference for which types of videos they use YouTube specifically for, and which platforms they prefer for individual types of marketing video materials. Take a look at this infographic for all of the details, and don’t forget to get in touch with us for any marketing video ideas you want to create!


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